Margaret K Heerwagen

Margaret Knoll Anderson Heerwagen was a terrific Mom. She worked at her last law firm  as the Legal Secretary for Sr. Partner of Herzfeld & Rubin.  After her retirement, she volunteered to help at Friends of the Maplewood Library, and was instrumental in their success full book sales.  Another interest she enjoyed was gardening.  It took a long time to get the garden in shape, and she saw to the ongoing maintenance of her garden. She approved the large group of Knockout Roses and Donut Peach Tree. Her White Lilac bushes, Peonies, etc. were blooming every year.Mom's large family and extended family overseas kept in touch with her and US based family visited often.Mom was generous with her family, always.After retirement, she was active with Friends of the Maplewood Library, and is credited with reviving their book sales.It is my regret is that for the last year of her life, she did not remain at her home.