Laura Lester Taylor
Laura Lester Taylor
Laura Lester Taylor
Laura Lester Taylor
Laura Lester Taylor
Laura Lester Taylor

Celebration of Life

1:00 pm
Saturday, January 7, 2023
St. George's Episcopal Church
550 Ridgewood Rd
Maplewood, New Jersey, United States

Obituary of Laura W. Lester Taylor

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“Hello friends, family.

It is truly so humbling and amazing to see all of the faces looking back at me. Stages from all walks of LT life, my life, my mother’s life, my father’s life, their life as a couple and our life as a family.

Well this day has come, and never would I think I’d be doing a 2 for 1 (please mind my phrasing) I’ve adopted some deprecating humor. But never would I have ever imagined having to have a service to say goodbye to them both at such a young age for myself and them.
But in some ways I’m lucky because with that being said: When I think of my parents, it’s not memories or faces that come to mind first. (Because I’ll always remember) but It’s still a feeling, something they rooted so deeply in me that I feel so lucky to know. It’s hard to put into words but I’m going to try- now.

It’s like tasting grilled pineapple for the first time something so wonderfully sweet you didn’t know could be better, or hearing your favorite band for the first time live and they’re even better than you could have ever hoped for or it’s like having parents like Nick and Laura and realizing how much they loved but loved you more.

My parents could not have been more different as individuals, and I think that’s what made them such a beautiful couple. They ebbed and flowed amongst themselves and even though they made it very clear I was their third musketeer, they were the dynamic duo.

They gave me a love that’s seemingly impossible to compete with and for that I will always be grateful.

My father was one of the most talented, snarky, wholesome and whole hearted man who wanted to be surrounded by laughter and
my mother; was one of the most brilliant and impressive persons I have ever met and I feel honored to share her spirit that longed for love and to be loved.

While my parents shared stark contrast, there was something they shared which was the value of honesty and being truthful people to their person.

My parents spent their lives giving back to the world, through community outreach, the arts, conservation, education (I mean I was going through paperwork and the amount of contributions and charitable donations they made that I found filled an entire binder)
But they weren’t the type to be braggadocios, they were just generous, they asked for nothing in return they just wanted to be thanked through equal kindness and a good party to celebrate.

I feel very blessed that they made me that musketeer because I do feel like I got to know more than the smidgeon most children know their parents to be. But with that I also feel like I’ve lost my best friends. Two people who always had my back, and would go above and beyond to make sure of so.

I’m very grateful for the congregation amongst us today, just to see and know how many lives they touched with their laughter, immense generosity, kindness and love.

There are a few personal thank you’s and my most heartfelt love to give while I have the audience. The Gilheany family, heather, Peter, Emma and grace. The Tugentman family, Madeline, Steve, Allison and Michelle and Janis Masvidal and Carol Sullivan my strongest warriors. These matriarchs and their families have single handedly made my nightmare of a year bearable. Going above and beyond in my eyes but in their hearts it were actions they wanted no thanks for. But truly I am so grateful for these women and the support of their families and everything they’ve done for me so selflessly and without question or contention as if I were their own. Just as nick and Laura would hope.

It’s hard wrapping this up but I’ll leave you with their individual goodbyes for me, which were:
As Nick as would say “cheers little friend” or as Laura would say “some bunny loves you”.

But either way to y’all cheers.

Thank you. “


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